Builders of the most popular experiences in the metaverse

Metaverse As A Service

DXSH’s Metaverse As A Service Engine provides brands & IP holders a one stop platform to ideate, create, build, launch, and develop community around metaverse experiences.

Music As A Service

DXSH offers a solution to bring music inside the metaverse- and IRL- offering music licensing with access to nearly every song ever commercially released across every major record label and publisher.

DXSH Studios Hollywood

Our 25,000 square foot production lab on the Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame not only houses our development studios, but features an event space for 500 people, retail pop-up, out-of-home signage, and metaverse capture studio


DXSH understands metaverse platforms, users, and brand/IP holders better than anyone.

While others talk ideas, DXSH actively operates some of the most popular and viewed experiences in the metaverse. Our team and backers are leaders in the space with histories of success.


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